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The Difference Between Drinking Water Sources

Water is water, right? Well, that is not exactly true because different drinking water sources create different kinds of water. In fact, the way in which water is processed has a lot to do with the quality of the end product. Some processes remove harmful elements and others remove some healthy things as well. Here’s a look at four common sources of water and what they mean.


1 – Drinking Water

This is the kind of water that comes out of the tap at your home. It is either a municipal water source or well water. With municipal water the main thing added to it will be fluoride although there are many communities that do not have this in their water. Some municipal drinking water sources are affected by seasonal changes in the water table which could turn tap water different colours. Hard water is also hard on fixtures as buildup over time can affect their performance.


2 – Spring Water

Bottled water is generally spring water. As this is usually an underground source it may not be purified or treated in any way although the bottle label should provide some information. Spring water is not always guaranteed to be the best quality for drinking as there are contaminants that have been found in tested samples in various locations around the world. Also, investigations in recent years have uncovered that bottles labeled as spring water may not be filled with actual spring water.


3 – Purified Water

This is water that originates from any source but has been treated with a purification process. This removes contaminants and chemicals that may otherwise be present. There are several different purification methods and they include reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, deionization and distillation. While purified water has had harmful chemicals removed, there is also a chance that minerals that would otherwise be beneficial to have in the water may also be removed.


4 – Distilled Water

This is water that has been processed through a filtration system that removed contaminants and minerals. So in a way, this is a lot like purified water but is best for use in such things as coffee machines, steam irons and any other appliance that can be affected by mineral build up. For many, this is their preferred drinking water as everything that is natural in water is removed.


See, Water Is Not Just Water

Now that you have a better understanding of different drinking water sources, you will be able to see that water is not just water. Water from your kitchen tap is different to bottled water and so on. The more you know about the way water can be processed, the better the choice you will make for your specific needs.


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