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What we do at Arrow Alpha

The team at Arrow Alpha are passionate about challenges. We are designers, problem solvers and inventors, always ready for opportunities to create and manufacture innovative products for a sustainable future.

Your challenges are our inspiration and for more than two decades we have listened to our clients’ needs and created fresh, modern and sustainable solutions for building a better tomorrow.

From design through to manufacture and after sales service, Arrow Alpha’s commitment to meeting and implementing your challenge head on is our top priority.

Arrow Alpha products lead the way, providing wayfinding and directional signage to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport commuters. The unique Arrow Alpha range of aquafil water refill stations supply pedestrians, cyclists, travellers and man’s best friend with fresh water on the go and the range of world-class secure bike parking facilities provide cyclists with a safe and secure way to lock up their bikes at the end of a journey.


Established in 1990, after recognising the importance of sustainable forms of transport, Arrow Alpha began by designing and manufacturing high quality, cost efficient, long lasting public transport information products and systems.

Arrow Alpha’s diverse list of clients includes government bodies and authorities, schools and tertiary institutions and high profile private sector companies from around Australia.

Over the years the Arrow Alpha product range has grown to include aquafil water refill stations, bike parking facilities and bollards, and notice board cases. This growth has come about as a result of listening to our clients, and creating innovative products to meet their needs.

With a sustainable and environmental emphasis, the team at Arrow Alpha have designed and manufactured products that enhance the natural and public environment.

Today and Beyond

Arrow Alpha’s product designs and manufacturing process reflect our passion for the environment. Every step in the manufacturing process is as clean, green and sustainable as possible keeping our environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

Arrow Alpha’s program focuses on improving the eco-efficiency of our manufacturing systems to reduce energy, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction in energy costs also reduces production costs resulting in a WIN-WIN solution for our clients and the environment.

Our range of products make a difference to the way people travel and view the environment. For example, the aquafil range of water refill stations and water drinking fountains are a dynamic educational tool in the fight to reduce plastic waste and conserve precious resources. With many of the units being able to display full colour graphics they are a valuable tool in promoting a sustainable way of living and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


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