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Vertical bicycle parking locker

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March 17, 2014

One of Australia’s leading construction companies, recently commissioned Arrow Alpha to produce class one security Bike Lockers for an Apartment project in Sydney.

With today’s carbon bicycles being worth in excess of $10,000, it is a necessity to ensure these bikes are secure with facilities that deter theft and protect them from the elements. Available space was limited so Arrow Alpha’s double storey Horizontal Bike Lockers seemed the logical solution. The horizontal lockers are a unique shape which allows for adjustable width spans by altering length spans when side by side (Fig 1).

Arrow Alpha inspected the site and discovered that a 60mm high ceramic tile platform had been laid in the proposed locations of the bike lockers resulting in the floor to ceiling height being insufficient for double storey horizontal lockers. With the height of lockers governed by an Australian Standard, adjusting the height was not a viable option.

The team at Arrow Alpha is committed to finding solutions to problems and was not deterred. Rising to the challenge they found the ideal solution to the inadequate space dilemma, the recently released Vertical Bike Locker where bicycles are suspended by the front wheel. The concept was developed for applications where floor space is minimal as they naturally require less floor space than Horizontal Bike Lockers. The overall height of the Vertical Bike Locker is 2050mm as opposed to the combined height of a double storey Horizontal Bike Locker of 2500mm enabling the Vertical Bike Lockers to fit comfortably within the allocated space.

The Vertical Bike Lockers were manufactured and powder coated in Dulux Duralloy Monument to match the surrounding trim and then installed ahead of schedule. Arrow Alpha’s aim of providing class one security Bike Lockers to Australian Standards was met without compromise and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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