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Attract and retain tenants with secure storage

Over car storage locker

Offering additional secure storage can help attract and retain good tenants

Keeping a well maintained property helps attract good tenants who take pride in their lifestyle choices and are more likely to look after the property. Some tenants have made the choice to rent rather than purchase their own home as renting offers them the luxury of choosing an area suited to the lifestyle they want. Purchasing a home in a particular area might be out of reach, but renting can be an affordable option. Home owners are normally bound by what they can afford.

More and more tenants are choosing to rent based on their lifestyle choices and apartment living is growing in popularity due to location, low maintenance, onsite amenities, extra security and sustainability.

Families are more likely to be long term tenants as it is much harder for them to move. The lack of storage space in apartments can be restricting for families as they do not want the living areas to be cluttered with toys, sporting equipment and bicycles.  Offering extra onsite secure storage is an added incentive for families to choose an apartment over a house. Apartment buildings are often located close to schools, shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment areas offering an easy convenient lifestyle. This lifestyle can be tempting for families especially if it has the added convenience of additional amenities like a gym and swimming pool.

A simple and creative use of unused space in the basement garage can help apartment residents free up living areas and keep  belongings safe and close at hand. The Keepit Over Bonnet Storage Locker uses the space above a car to safely store belongings. It is lockable, keeps the contents private and offers nearly 3 cubic metres of storage space.  The adjustable legs ensure it sits comfortably over most cars and it is designed and made in Australia from heavy duty steel with a galvanised finish for fire safety.

The auto up lift swing door has adjustable position gas stays, the locker has pre-punched holes for optional shelves and there is a floor mounted unit that can be placed underneath for those without a car or who have extra garage space.

The above car storage locker is relocatable and an excellent investment adding value to apartments either when selling or renting.

Keepit Garage Storage Lockers


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