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Bike Rack Installation: How to Encourage More People to Bike

Employees and employers now look for secure bike parking solutions. That’s because more people now prefer cycling than taking out their car (for health and environmental purposes). For that, many now look for bike rack installation solutions.

How cycling helps in employee stability and workplace environment sustainability

Cycling can help employees feel good about themselves. Aside from the clear health benefits (more calories burned and as a form of exercise), employees will also know they are contributing to the protection of the environment.

That good feeling will linger every day, especially now that Australians are becoming more environment-savvy. They’re aware that cycling can reduce the carbon footprint. This can have a long-lasting impact for the present and succeeding generations.

If the employees always feel good, the workplace will also benefit. In fact, having secure bike parking facilities can help with the attraction and retaining of staff.

Furthermore, buildings across Australia can earn Green Star Ratings as a result of having secure bicycle parking facilities. It will promote sustainability by encouraging and supporting more people to use their bikes instead of their cars.

Obstacles about cycling

With all the benefits of cycling (exercise and environmental protection), why do some people still choose to take public transportation or ride their car?

One reason is about convenience. It’s just easier to bring the car or take a bus to reach a certain location. You have to bring your bike with you and worry about the parking.

Another reason is about security. Maybe a person mistakenly took your bike. But if it’s securely parked, that won’t happen.

That’s why many public areas and buildings now have bike racks and bike rails that secure the bicycles. In addition, it’s one less thing to worry about. People can be sure of parking and they will have peace of mind even if they leave it.

Bike rack installation in buildings and communities

Having secure bike parking solutions will make people more confident about cycling and parking their bikes. As a result, more people will be encouraged to ride the bike when going to the workplace or other locations.

If you need secure bicycle parking solutions for your building or community, you can contact us today. We can provide you with compact and economical bike racks and rails.


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