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How to Choose Outdoor Water Coolers for Schools and Commercial Establishments

Outdoor water coolers are becoming a common sight in many public places. One reason is that more and more Australians are becoming environmentally conscious. They want to help the environment and apply eco-friendly practices whenever possible.

In your school or commercial establishment, you can also have water coolers that can help the environment. These can minimise our reliance to plastic bottles. This way, you can help the environment both in the short term and in the long run.

But how do people choose outdoor water coolers anyway? Let’s discuss the ways and specific features.

1. The water cooler should be sturdy and made from durable material

An outdoor drinking fountain and water cooler is often exposed to the harsh elements of the weather. In addition, constant use from different people can take a toll on the equipment.

However, if the water cooler is made from sturdy and durable material, it can last for many years and serve thousands of people. It will be a long-term investment for schools, offices and other commercial establishments.

Many water coolers now installed outdoors are made from stainless steel. It’s a popular material that resists rust. Outdoors, moisture and wind can accelerate the formation of rust in many structures. But a water cooler mostly made from stainless steel will last through the years without any sign of degradation.

2. With built-in safety/hygiene features and require minimal maintenance

This is also important. As mentioned before, water coolers and drinking fountains are often exposed to harsh elements. In addition, they’re also exposed to dirt and pollution.

That’s why it’s important to have a water cooler and drinking fountain that only require minimal maintenance. This way, the equipment will stay clean and presentable. As a result, many people will continue to use it every day.

It’s also good to have a vandal-resistant water bottle filling station and cooler. It’s essential that the equipment stays clean and neat so people will continue to trust it as their water source.

3. Wheelchair accessibility

Whether the person has a permanent disability or temporary injury, he or she should always have easy access to a water bubbler. That’s why it’s essential that the drinking fountain, water refiller or water cooler is wheelchair accessible.

Many drinking water equipment now have a wheelchair accessibility feature. When you browse through different water coolers and drinking fountains, look for the words “wheelchair accessible.” You can also look for a logo or image that resembles a wheelchair with a person sitting in it.

Eco-friendly and functional outdoor water coolers

This is a simple and yet a huge step towards helping the environment. You will encourage your staff and other people to drink straight from a clean and reliable water source, instead of buying a new set of bottled water.

If you need a reliable and eco-friendly water cooler or drinking fountain for your school or commercial establishment, call us at 1300 600 300 and we’ll provide you with clear and comprehensive solutions.


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