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Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards for Schools: Effective Information Dissemination

Classroom displays and bulletin boards are effective ways to disseminate information to students. They will often flock to those boards and look out for any important announcements.

Students often look at those bulletin boards for the following reasons:

  • Important school announcements
  • School events
  • New classroom regulations and rules
  • New competitions
  • Winners of competitions announcements
  • Weather advisory
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Schedule of exams announcements
  • School holidays
  • And other news about the school or students

Bulletin boards and classroom displays are a valuable source of information. That’s why schools and classrooms need reliable and versatile notice boards to serve their students.

Reliable notice boards

First, the school notice boards are the official source of any important information for the students. That’s why these boards need to be reliable and useful every day.

When it comes to reliability, the boards need to be sturdy enough. Bulletin boards are often exposed to harsh weather (especially when it rains, windy or snow). If the boards give in, they lose their function.

That’s why for outdoor notice boards, it’s important that they’re made from durable materials.

Strong and durable frame

The frames should be of high standards if you want to ensure durability. It’s also good to choose a material that shows resistance to almost all outdoor environmental conditions. For instance, frames made from marine grade structural aluminium extrusion show resistance and durability even after many years.

Resistance to high levels of vandalism

Whatever the reason for the vandalism, the display board should endure the graffiti and cleaning.

For example, a display window made from 3mm thick acrylic show good resistance to blemishes and haziness that resulted from graffiti removal. If high impact shattering is your concern, it’s recommended to choose a display window with a 3mm thick polycarbonate.

Classroom displays and bulletin boards

Reliability, durability and resistance to vandalism are the key features you need to look for. This way, the school notice boards (especially those set outdoors) will last for many years and continue to show valuable information to students.

If you need reliable and lockable notice boards for your school, you can call us today at 1300 600 300.


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