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Here’s a Better Alternative to Garage Storage Cages

A better alternative to garage storage cages is the one that offers privacy and more security. Garage storage lockers with shelves perfectly provide those features.

Wire cages offer some protection to your personal belongings. It’s also a good way to utilise the unused space in your garage. However, they offer no privacy at all. Other people can easily see your items. Some will even take interest in them.

That’s why it’s good to have proper garage storage lockers for your apartment. It can also utilise the unused space in the garage or basement car park. The difference though is that it completely hides your personal belongings from the public’s sight.

Same amount of space, but more value

The space in the over the car bonnet is often unused. It’s a common sight to leave it vacant and serving no purpose.

But that’s still a valuable amount of space. You can use up to 2.8 cubic metre volume for your sports equipment, bicycle and other items. Even if you use just 1x1x2 cubic metres, that’s a lot of space already.

Instead of storing your personal belongings elsewhere (e.g. your room, beside your car), you make the space in the over the car bonnet useful. Instead of maximising the space inside your home, why not utilise the existing space that serves no purpose?

Alternative to garage storage cages

That’s why some people started to install wire cages to utilise the space. These are built to protect what’s inside.

However, your items will then be exposed to the public. In addition, your sports equipment and accessories are also likely to be exposed to dust. In other words, wire cages don’t offer complete privacy and protection.

Garage storage lockers offer complete privacy and protection. Your personal items will be fully covered. This way, your belongings will be protected from dust and other elements.

These garage storage lockers also offer protection from rodents. You won’t have to worry about critters destroying your things. You will be confident that all your items are locked and secured.

Choose quality garage storage lockers

If you’re planning to have a more secure storage locker for your garage, we provide quality Australian made products for your home or apartment. We also offer storage lockers with 2.5 and 2.8 cubic metre capacities. Call us now at 1300 600 300 and we’ll help you secure your stuff and utilise the unused space.


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