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Large Frames for Posters: For Public and Commercial Use

Large frames for posters can serve a huge purpose for the public. For instance, these frames can make the posters more noticeable to passersby. This makes the posters reach more people and spread the word about a cause or mission.

Public buildings and other areas are great opportunities to spread the word about a worthy cause. These can be about environmental protection and awareness, announcements about a new public service, or new employment opportunities for the locality.

Posters protected from weather and vandalism

Display frames can protect the posters (which are valuable sources of information) from weather and vandalism. This is important in continuously spreading the information (so more people can read it).

For example, poster frames made from specialised structural marine grade aluminium are proven to withstand different weather and environmental conditions.

When it comes to protection from vandalism, an anti-graffiti film and polycarbonate window can serve their purpose. These can help in keeping the information clear and legible to all the passersby.

More visibility to passersby

Frames can also highlight the posters and make them stand out in many establishments. For example, sign frames in churches and parks can make more people notice the posters and information.

These sign frames are also useful for schools, colleges, shopping centres, sporting grounds, and other areas with large foot traffic. This is ideal for effective information dissemination to the public.

For more visibility and extended reach, some communities have LED light boxes. These can be strategically placed in hot spots where they can reach a lot of people. These can also be used for both public and commercial purposes.

Large frames for posters: Spread the word and reach more people

These sign frames are not only for aesthetics. They also serve several purposes such as:

  • Protection from weather and vandalism
  • Highlight the posters
  • Make the information more noticeable
  • Reach more people


Poster frames can be used both for commercial, school and public purposes. These frames can also help people know more about the advocacies and special missions of a community.

If you need sturdy and reliable poster frames for your community, church, school, or public building, you can call us today at 1300 600 300. We will provide you with cost-effective solutions for your signage needs.


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