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New connections for growing bike numbers

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May 15, 2013

Eight new and five upgraded shared paths will provide critical new links across Sydney’s growing bike network.

The work to help less confident cyclists ride safely alongside busy roads was approved at last night’s Council meeting.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the project would help create a safer and better connected bike network for new riders, older people and parents with kids.

“We’ve worked closely with residents and local businesses on these plans – and, as requested by the community, we’re installing an on-road cycleway on Greens Road instead of a shared path,” the Lord Mayor said.

“The number of riders travelling to and from the inner city keeps climbing – especially from the eastern suburbs. This work will provide important links for riders between existing separated cycleways, such as Bourke Street.”

Shared paths are used extensively through Australia, the UK, USA and many other countries – and there are around 50 kilometres of shared paths within the City of Sydney LGA, which have been around since the mid-1990s or earlier.

The current work includes upgraded footpaths, new street furniture, trees, grass, pram ramps and shared path ‘Give Way’ and ‘Ride Slowly’ signs on the ground and at eye level.

“Many of the riders using our bike network come from outside the City of Sydney area, which is why it is so important that there is a consistent, metropolitan-wide approach to signs and speed limits on shared paths,” the Lord Mayor said.

“While there are currently no specific State Government speed limits on shared paths, I have asked City of Sydney staff to install advisory speed limit signs on our shared paths.”

“The City already has 100 new permanent signs reminding riders and pedestrians of their rights and responsibilities in production and due for installation on shared paths in coming weeks.”

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