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One Way to Redefine Commuter and Leisure Transport in Sydney

To redefine commuter and leisure transport in Sydney, first there must be existing infrastructure or system that supports the mission.

It’s similar to the widespread usage of mobile apps today. First, the required technologies (smartphones and internet) should be developed. Mobile apps won’t exist today if there are no smartphones and the internet in the first place.

Build the infrastructure or system first

It can work the same way when it comes to redefining commuter and leisure transport. There’s an increasing number of people in Sydney who wants to apply more eco-friendly transport practices. To make it easier for them, there should be systems and structures that support their goals.

One way to help accomplish that is by installing secure bike racks and bike rails in public places and near commercial establishments.

How bike racks and rails can help

Enviro-savvy Australians prefer biking rather than taking out their car or using public transportation. One main reason is that biking helps minimise carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Another side benefit is it’s a good form of exercise. Going to work or at school will be a healthier habit because of biking. Even better, it’s a daily habit that will accumulate positive results over time.

However, if there are NO bike racks or bike rails, it’s one additional reason NOT to use the bicycle. We want our bikes to stay secure whenever we leave them. Furthermore, if we see bike racks all around, more people will then be somehow encouraged to use their bikes.

A multiplier effect for all

Once it becomes a clear trend, more people will then join in the movement. As they see others taking their bikes to go almost anywhere and using the bike racks and rails to secure them, more and more people will follow.

It all starts with one low-cost and simple change. Secure bike parking can motivate more people to use their bicycles and become more enviro-savvy.

Redefining commuter and leisure transport in Sydney doesn’t necessarily need huge budgets and big changes. Often, government bodies and commercial establishments start with simple and yet effective changes.

If you need secure bike parking for your staff and commercial establishment, call us at 1300 600 300. At Arrow Alpha, we provide a wide variety of secure bike parking solutions including compact bike racks.


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