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Outdoor Notice Boards for Schools: How to Choose the Best One

Outdoor notice boards for schools are a part of a student’s daily life. Whenever new information is posted, students check the boards for news and updates.

It’s also a direct way for school organisations to post quick and urgent announcements about their activities. Schools also use the notice boards to post important advisories that concern the students.

Because of the notice boards’ importance, people take the time to choose the best one. This way, the outdoor notice board will last for long and become useful for many years to come.

Suitable for outdoor application

Notice boards are often exposed to the harsh elements outdoors. Wind, dust, water, bacteria and moisture can all contribute to the damages of the boards.

But with bulletin boards specifically designed to resist dust and bacteria collection, they last long. They can still be useful after many months and years.

‘Self-healing’ bulletin boards

The school staff might post over a dozen announcements each week on the bulletin boards. The pinholes might become noticeable as time goes on.

Thankfully, there are ‘self-healing’ bulletin boards so the pinholes can naturally close themselves. This means a long lifespan for the boards. These will also look as good as new even after a long time.

Made from renewable materials

More and more Australians now (including the students and the youth) are becoming environmentally aware. In almost everything (e.g. use of refillable water bottles, eco-friendly materials), they want to ensure they’re helping the environment in any way they can.

Good news is there are bulletin boards now that are made from renewable raw materials. These bulletin boards are sure to support the environmental advocacies of the schools and students.

Long useful lifespan of outdoor notice boards for schools

Arrow Alpha Outdoor Bulletin Boards with Krommenie pinboards can last up to 25 years. It’s enough to span several generations of students through the years. Maybe some of the graduates might even remember these bulletin boards after a decade or two.

If you need durable, long-lasting and ‘self-healing’ outdoor notice boards, you can contact us today. We also provide bulletin boards in a wide range of colours.


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