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Elkay Space-ette Water Cooler

Space-ette Water Cooler

The benefits of having clear fresh drinking H2O available at all times cannot be underestimated. The Space-ette water cooler is ideal for students, employees, customers and the general public hydrated.

The ‘Space-ette’ model from Elkay Water Coolers is a self-contained, electric refrigerated floor model water cooler. They are sleek, smaller water coolers with smooth surfaces, making them easy to keep clean.

Water coolers need to be safe and hygienic and these water coolers have an extra deep basin to minimise splashing, an internal drain and a Flexi-Guard Anti-Microbial Safety Bubbler.

Elkay Space-ette Water Coolers are slim, space saving and ideal for new and upgrade installations. Call 1300 600 300 for further guidelines and current prices.

- Indoor, Free Standing Floor Model
- Stainless Steel with a FlexiGuard Anti-Microbial Safety Bubbler
- Slim, Space Saving Unit

Free Standing, Space Saving, Floor Model Water Cooler


Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel



Bubbler Style:

FlexiGuard Safety

Mounting Option:

Floor Mount /Freestanding

Chilling Option:





L: 30.5cm
W: 30.5cm
H: 96.52cm

Shipping Weight:


* Based on a 26°C inlet water temperature and a room temperature of 32°C.

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