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Horizontal Bike Locker

The Horizontal Bike Locker is a fully enclosed structure that accommodates a single bicycle. They are classified as a Class 1 secure bicycle parking facility according to the Australian Standard AS2890.3-1993.

A bike locker offers the highest level of security for cyclists who need to store their bike and accessories securely. They are solid, robust and offer privacy and protection from natural elements such as UV exposure and wet weather.

The locker doors are equipped with highly vandal resistant T-handle locks and a 3-point locking system to prevent intruders and vandals from breaking into the bicycle lockers.

They are suitable for use in long term applications such as public transport interchanges, workplaces and public buildings. The bike lockers can be stacked on top of each other to create 2 rows to maximise the available space. See the space requirements plan for more details.

Secure Bike Parking can help your project by earning Green Star Points.

Bicycle Lockers are fully enclosed structures that each accommodate a single bicycle.

- Conforms to AS2890.3 -1993 Class 1 Security
- Inspection slats in door
- Heavy duty construction
- Can be stacked to use all available space
- Wall hook to hang belongings
- Private and secure
- Protects bikes and accessories from UV exposure and wet weather
- Vandal resistant

- 1850mm long
- 1250mm high
- 950 mm front width
- 184mm back width
- See space requirements plan for more details

- 1.6mm Galvabond Sheet Metal
- Internal Structural Ribbing
- Stainless Steel Hinges
- Stainless Steel Fasteners

- Powder Coated Colour

Fully enclosed, safe and weatherproof bike parking

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