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PB3 Outdoor Bulletin Board

Made to order  –  7 10 days

Arrow Alpha’s PB3 Outdoor Bulletin Board comes with a Krommenie surface which is ideally suited to pinboards and makes it suitable for an outdoor application. Krommenie is available in a range of colours  and resists bacteria and dust collection

Krommenie Bulletin Boards are ‘self healing’ so the pinholes close themselves .  Krommenie is made from renewable raw materials to ensure flexibility and durability and it always retains an ‘as new’ appearance.

This range of Bulletin Boards come with a stylish, silver anodised finish aluminium frame and are available in 12 colours and have a large range of sizes to choose from. Krommenie Bulletin Boards can last up to 25 years.

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- Outdoor application
- Self closing pin holes
- Available in 12 colours
- Range of sizes available
- Krommenie pinboards with aluminium frames
- Always retains an ‘as new’ appearance
- Strong and durable for harsh outdoor applications
- Hygienic - resists bacteria and dust collection
- Modern moulded corners
- Self healing pin holes
- 12 Krommenie colours available
- 10 standard sizes

Self Healing Surface

Available in a range of sizes and colours. Prices DO NOT include GST or delivery.

Size Price
900 x 600mm $162
900 x 900mm $228
1200 x 900mm $270
1200 x 1200mm $355
1500 x 900mm $420
1500 x 1200mm $453
1800 x 900mm $527
1800 x 1200mm $544
2400 x 1200mm $664
3000 x 1200mm (Mitred Frame) $840

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