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Arrow Alpha has a wide range of indoor and outdoor notice boards, pinboards, posters cases, sign frames and stands to suit all applications and areas. From felt, cork, Krommenie, fabric and whiteboard backing materials you are sure to find the right board to suit your venue. Our notice boards, sign frames and stands can be found in churches, schools, universities, colleges, shopping centres, offices, factories, parks, corporate headquarters, stadiums, sporting grounds, airports, clubs, councils and municipalities.

Even in this day and age of web and email communications, displaying notices on boards and posters is still an effective way of communicating with the general public though there are some basic steps that improve the effectiveness of notice board and poster communications. If there is no clear owner of the board and anyone is able to place their own messaging on it, it can become ineffective as there is an overload of information and it becomes hard to find relevant messages.

Our range of indoor and outdoor notice boards and sign frames offer you a range of lockable notice boards that are secured either by a key or a keyless locking system. You can choose from the heavy duty range for outdoor areas that are exposed to the weather and vandals, or a lockable range that is suitable for indoor and low traffic areas. Anti-graffiti film is also offered as an extra precaution against vandalism.

- Large range of Posters, Sign Frames and Stands
- Versatile and customisable
- Notice Boards for all applications

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