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Totem Sign (Plinth or Blade Sign)

The Totem Sign is a slim-line convex, modular sign system that is in use by passenger transport service operators across Australia. Also known as the Plinth Sign or Blade Sign, the Totem Sign is built to withstand the harsh public environment, and has a proven track record of being vandal resistant.

With a multitude of configurations, this sign delivers great functionality and versatility for all applications and situations. The face panels and covers are easily interchangeable allowing for low cost on-site maintenance.

Ideal for:
– Bus stops
– Tram stops
– Ferry stops
– Train stations
– Transport interchanges


The Arrow Alpha range of public transport signage is the preferred choice for passenger transport service operators throughout Australia.

- Made from high quality materials and finishes
- Vandal resistant construction
- Structural marine grade aluminium
- Display covers made from UV grade polycarbonate
- Stainless steel security screws supplied for display covers
- Screen printed or digitally printed graphics
- Anti-graffiti coatings applied to graphics and covers

Available widths:
- 220mm
- 310mm
- 440mm
- 600mm
- 850mm

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