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Providing end of trip bike parking facilities for tenants

April 24, 2014

580 George Street installs Arrow Alpha bike parking facilities – looking after the cycling commuters

Statistics show that the number of Sydney cyclists commuting to work has risen sharply in recent years.

An excerpt from the Cycling Sydney 2030 Report states “Independent counts show cycling trips have more than doubled in the city of Sydney in the past three years. Since counting began in March 2010, there has been a 113% jump in bike trips. Around 2,000 bikes are passing through the top peak-hour intersections on an average week day”.

The increased number of cyclists commuting to work has created the need for end of trip facilities in work places where riders can secure their bicycles in purpose built compounds. Typically these compounds have racks to lock bikes individually and a lockable door. This combination provides Australian Standards Class 2 security. Additional amenities such as showers, lockers, seating, bike repair stands and water bottle refill stations add value to a good end of trip facility.

The GPT Group recently completed an end of trip facility for 580 George Street in Sydney’s CBD. Using the expertise of Arrow Alpha to conduct a site inspection and draft plans that made optimum use of the space provided, the project was completed easily and efficiently within the stipulated time frame.

Arrow Alpha has an in depth knowledge and a wealth of experience when it comes to providing advice and infrastructure for bike parking facilities. As part of the service, architects are offered free design services, full fit outs and costing’s, including CAD drawings and space requirement plans to Australian Standards.

Rob Worsley of The GPT Group and General Manager of 580 George Street notes a general trend towards sustainable transportation and a desire for healthy lifestyle changes as the driving force behind establishing the new facility. Keeping abreast of tenant’s requirements and needs is very important and getting them involved is crucial to a projects end result. “Feedback was sourced through general tenant surveys and discussions indicated that improvement of the facilities was desirable. Noting the shift in demand for such services we continuously evolve our customer offering to ensure it is relevant in the market and we feel this differentiates The GPT Group from other REITs,” Worsley said.

All buildings within The GPT Group portfolio have a commensurate standard of facilities to ensure uniformly high quality service to tenants.

End of trip bike parking facilities are a valuable asset when it comes to attracting new and retaining current tenants as they promote sustainable travel options for employees. Employers are focusing on employee stability and satisfaction by creating positive, friendly and sustainable workplace environments and bike parking is now being viewed as equally important as car parking.

General benefits of providing end of trip facilities for cyclists include:

  • A healthier and happier workforce
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Social benefits
  • Reduced car parking demands & associated costs
  • An improved environmental image for the organization

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