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Public Transportation Signs: The Importance of Clear and Sturdy Signage

Public transportation signs help people find urgent and accurate information about Australia’s transport system (especially about the bus and train stations). It’s the way service operators help both the Australians and tourists with their travels.

There are several types of public transport signage. Here are some:

  • Flag sign
  • J Pole sign
  • U Pole sign
  • Totem sign
  • Curved Timetable Route Information Display Cases
  • Flat Timetable Route Information Display Cases
  • Escalator Directional Scrolling Sign


These are all important in guiding the commuters towards the right stations and their destinations. That’s why it’s essential that these public transport signs are clear and durable.

Signage that withstand weather and vandalism

Many service operators and communities in Australia understand the importance of weather-proof public transport signs. Weather is often unpredictable and the outdoors can be harsh.

In addition, vandalism could also be a problem. Even if prevention precautions are already in place, it’s likely that few people will still resort to vandalism. It’s best to prepare for those cases so the signage will remain functional.

That’s why many signages now are made from structural grade stainless steel or aluminium. This way, they can remain standing even after many years.

These are made from high-quality materials that communities and transport authorities can rely on.

Minimalist and clear legible message

People will only look at public transportation signs for one purpose: Guide them to the right direction.

If the signs fail to accomplish that, the signage will lose their function. That’s why those public transportation signs should remain clear no matter the weather.

Also, it’s important that the signage is installed at eye level. This way, people can easily notice those signs and read them easily.

Secure installation of public transportation signs

As a form of public service, the public transport signs should be firm and secure wherever they are.

For example, the Flat Timetable Route Information Display Cases are valuable sources of directions and information. That’s why they should be secured by lockable stainless steel hinged doors and strong fasteners.

In bus, tram and ferry stops, these public signs should remain secure as commuters use them for guidance.

Reliable form of public service

If you need quality and secure public transport signage for your station or community, you can call us today at 1300 600 300. We have already served several passenger transport service operators throughout Australia.


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