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For Schools and Public Buildings: Quality Storage Solutions for Bikes

Schools and communities need storage solutions for bikes to support the increasing popularity of cycling. That’s because more and more people now swap cars for bicycles due to:

  • Environmental benefits (less carbon emissions)
  • Physical fitness (exercise daily through cycling)
  • Set a good example and show they’re environment-savvy

To secure people’s bikes, bike parking enclosures and compact bike racks can help. Indirectly, these will encourage more people to go cycling and help the environment.

How schools and communities benefit

Students and the academic staff go to school every day. Some use public transportation. Some use their cars to go from one place to another. These all contribute to more carbon emissions.

If schools wish to promote environmental awareness, one easy way is through encouraging students and school staff to go cycling. It’s one of the most effective ways to apply environment-friendly practices.

In communities, cycling also helps promote environmental awareness. As people see others taking out their bikes, more people will follow as a result.

Cycling is also a great way for community members to show their advocacies related to protecting the environment. Setting and showing a good example is much better than preaching about the environmental benefits of cycling (instead of taking out their cars).

How people benefit from cycling

Aside from less carbon emissions (especially if the whole community or school choose cycling), the community members themselves also benefit.

Cycling can burn up to 650 calories per hour. People are likely to get fit as a result. It’s a good way to burn calories, lose weight and stay healthy.

In addition, cycling will be a daily routine. People will see the effects immediately and in the long term. Cycling and exercising will stimulate the mind and the body at that same day. Also, people will reap cardiovascular health benefits from that daily activity.

Storage solutions for bikes: Encourage people about cycling

Some people might be worried about their bikes. They’re not as secure as the cars. Or if using public transportation, people don’t have to carry anything to get into their destination. In this case, how will schools and communities encourage people about cycling?

One way is by providing storage solutions for bicycles and a way to secure them. Bike racks and enclosures can help people secure their bikes. It’s one less thing to worry about. This way, people will find cycling and parking their bikes a smooth experience.

If you need secure bike solutions for your school or community, you can contact us today.


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