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Simple Tips to Select a Water Fountain

A drinking fountain can be referred to as a mechanical system capable of dispensing potable water with the help of a bubbler. Drinking fountains are different from the water coolers in the sense that the coolers can offer chilled water to the users. Both these water dispensing systems have been used extensively by people over the years for refreshment in public spaces.

While selecting a drinking fountain or water cooler, it is advisable that you look for certain useful features. Durability, user safety, easy of cleaning, and installation process are the most important attributes that you must check. The product of your choice must offer easy access to its different internal units so that it can be installed and maintained without much hassle. Units with a panel can be removed easily and they offer unobstructed access to their important components such as the water inlet, trap, and electrical connections. You should also select a water fountain that allows the stream height of the bubbler to be adjusted upon installation.

The water fountains manufactured by some companies require the cabinet panel and a button or push bar to be removed for gaining access to the system’s control unit for stream adjustment. On the other hand, there are water fountain systems that do not require the removal of any exterior parts for accessing the adjustment screw. In order to ensure ease of use, the stream height of a drinking fountain needs adjustment upon its installation. Also, please remember that the more durable drinking fountains are the ones that are made of engineered plastic or painted metal.

One of the best alternatives for you is to opt for stainless steel cabinets because they are durable, superior in terms of appearance, and are easier to clean. You should always look for coolers and water fountains with smoother surfaces because these surfaces are easier to clean. Also, it is relatively easier to maintain uniform cabinets with very few parts. When it comes to user safety, water fountains with soft and generous curves have a much lower risk of causing injury to the users. Some manufacturers have water fountains that are designed to prevent accident and injury by making use of flexible bubblers.

It is important to take a note of the fact that most of the water coolers and drinking fountains are rated just for indoor use. Therefore, if you are looking to install your water fountain outdoors, be sure that the unit has been rated by the manufacturer for exterior application.

Water fountain units can also be designed specifically for extremely cold or hot environments. In extremely hot climate, your unit must have an adequately powerful chilling system. In case you are looking to install the water fountain in a cold region, freeze protection is a critical component of the system. A typical freeze protection water fountain is equipped with a freeze-resistant box that contains all the major plumbing components housed in a heated space. Some manufacturers also offer frost-resistant systems that come with heat resistant strips capable of preventing freeze-ups by warming the cabinet interior.


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