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Strathfield Park water refill station a success

March 2012
Local Government Focus

Runners, cyclists and park users have been quick to use the new water refill station under trial by an inner city council of Sydney.

In a short space of time, it is estimated that up to 25 units of bottled water (50 litres) are being sourced from the aquafil™ water bottle refill station in Strathfield Park, and this positive community feedback looks likely to see more of this Australian technology introduced in to the Strathfield area.

Strathfield Municipal Councillor Mr Paul Barron has publicly stated that more water refill stations will cause an even greater reduction in the number of plastic water bottles going into the waste handling system and ending up in landfill.

According to Mr Barron, likely additions in the immediate future will be positioned at Mason Square and the popular Strathfield Square, a site catering for transients using one of Sydney’s major railway stations and Country-link junctions.

aquafil™ water bottle refill station water fountains, manufactured and supplied by Arrow Alpha, can be tailored for the end user and are a sustainable amenity that alleviates the poor hygiene problems that plagued traditional water fountains in decades past.

It has capacity for promotional space (ideal for councils and public works) and eliminates general waste issues by encouraging people to refill bottles through multiple purpose-specific refill nozzles, rather than buying throw-away bottled water.

The water bottle station’s refill points have anti-bacterial nozzles. Wheelchair accessibility is a standard, signage facilities prominent, they have optional sub-floor drainage and there is a choice of a filtered water configuration if desired.

Bottle refill points are positioned on the sides of these units – made of silver impregnated plastic and stainless steel to eliminate any threat of bacteria. Germ potential was one of the main reasons that traditional drinking fountains disappeared from the public landscape.

aquafil™ drinking fountains also combat another primary reason as to why drinking fountains have had a long absence from parks and streets – vandalism. Anti-vandal nozzles and buttons are a feature of the product line.

Because the units comprise highly visual modular panels, this ensures space for colourful branding or promotions and this is well received by councils, transport authorities, shopping centre management and general businesses which can utilise this aspect of the units design to publicise messages on a 24/7 basis.

Arrow Alpha have designed the aquafil™ water refill station to be maintained very easily by using off-the-shelf components.

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