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A creative use of unused space


March 16, 2016

Utilising unusable space to create extra storage

Living in an apartment is a lifestyle choice with many benefits. Location, maintenance, amenities, security and sustainability to name a few.

Apartments are much more affordable giving you a wider range of areas to choose from. With house prices on the rise and becoming increasingly unaffordable you can still live in your area of choice and have the lifestyle you want with apartment prices still within reach. From a lifestyle perspective, apartment buildings are usually located close to shopping centres, restaurants, entertainment precincts, schools and public transport, all of which reduce the need to use or even own a car. This in turn helps the environment.

Maintenance is much lower than a house with less cleaning and no garden that requires regular attention giving you more time to pursue your favourite activities. Energy costs are substantially less, once again a win for the environment, and there is usually an extra layer of security with only residents having access to the building. Some apartment buildings have gyms and swimming pools for residents which cuts the cost of expensive memberships to these amenities whilst giving you easy access without the ongoing maintenance.

These are all great advantages and well worth considering but there is a downside, storage, there is never enough. You have the lifestyle but don’t want sporting equipment, golf clubs, bicycles and luggage filling up all the cupboards and taking up living space. What sounded like a good idea to begin with has turned into a cluttered living arrangement. You can rent a self-storage unit but these can be costly and time consuming, taking away from the lifestyle choice you want. Who wants to travel to a storage unit every time they need an item? You would much rather have it close at hand.

A simple and creative use of unused space in the basement garage is the perfect solution for apartment residents. It frees up living area and keeps belongings safe, close at hand and out of sight. Keepit Over Bonnet Storage Lockers use the space above your car to safely store your belongings. They are lockable, keep the contents private and offer nearly 3 cubic metres of storage space.  The adjustable legs ensure the locker sits comfortably over most cars and within a single car parking space.

There are adjustable position gas stays on the auto lift swing door, pre-punched holes for optional shelves and a floor mounted unit that can be placed underneath for those who do not need to park a car or have extra space.

The over car storage locker is relocatable should you move making it an excellent investment for the future or it can be used as a value added selling point when selling or renting your apartment.

Designed and made in Australia the Keepit Storage Lockers are manufactured from heavy duty steel with a galvanised finish for fire safety.

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