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Water Drink Station for Parks and Local Communities

A water drink station can help people in parks and communities apply one of the key environmental practices, which is avoiding the use of plastic bottles.

A water refill station and drinking fountain can go a long way in reducing plastic waste in a community. For example, 100 people stopped buying bottled water each day. This means at least 100 plastic bottles won’t be used. They won’t end up in the landfill and in our oceans.

Encouraging people to apply environment-friendly practices

People easily get thirsty and they want to reach out for anything that will quench their thirst. If there’s no drinking station around, they would likely resort to buying bottled water.

But that’s not the case if there’s a drinking fountain around. People can easily hydrate themselves and they won’t rely on purchasing a set of bottled water.

This can go on every day. Imagine the huge impact a community can make because of this one small practice. Even if it’s just minus 100 plastic bottles a day, this could already make a huge impact to the environment.

Plus, production of plastic bottles requires energy. If people stop using plastic bottles, there will be less carbon footprint. That will surely help our environment.

Help people stay healthy

After an exhausting exercise (e.g. cycling, jogging), they need to replace the fluids they lost through sweat. They need safe and clean water for them to drink.

However, some still reach for sugary drinks. Sure, they give an initial boost. But it gets addictive and it will harm our health.

The solution is to have drinking water stations in parks and local communities. This way, people will drink more water instead of buying unhealthy beverages.

This can also make a huge impact. If every day the whole year you avoid drinking a can of soda (with at least 10 grams of sugar each), you prevent at least 3,650 grams of sugar from entering into your body.

Water drink station for the community and the environment

The whole community will benefit from a reliable source of water they can drink anytime. That’s why many parks and local communities now have drinking water stations installed.

Your community can also benefit. You can help your community apply environment-friendly practices and also help the people become healthier.

That’s why at Arrow Alpha, we install water refill stations and drinking fountains in many areas. You can contact us today and let’s start helping your community.


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