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How Water Fountain Installation Can Promote Hydration in Schools and Communities

Drinking water fountain installation in schools and communities can make a huge difference. It’s a small upfront investment, but the impact can be huge in terms of human health and environmental protection.

Benefits of drinking water fountains to people

Let’s start with the human health benefits.

Most of the health problems now can be attributed to overconsumption of foods and beverages high in sugar and carbohydrates. Metabolic and heart problems are just a few of those.

These health problems can be easily prevented by modifying our daily habits. One such habit is drinking sugary beverages.

To stop that habit, drinking more water is the key. Many people drink sugary beverages to quench their thirst. One reason is that there are no other options.

All of these changes if there’s a drinking water fountain nearby. A drinking fountain can encourage more people to drink water instead of soda. It’s not the complete solution. But it’s a start.

Environmental benefits

Even in a small community or a park being visited by dozens of people a day, plastic bottles can accumulate.

Feeling thirsty doesn’t choose a convenient time or place. Anytime and anywhere, we need to stay hydrated. If there’s no water source around, people might turn to buying bottled water.

This results to having plastic bottles littered around. Each day, there could thousands of plastic bottles that would end up in the landfill or oceans. They don’t decompose and the waste pile up (especially through the months and years).

Thankfully, more and more Australians are becoming environmentally-conscious. They know that plastic bottles accumulate and harm the environment. That’s why many now choose to have drinking fountains. These help reduce (or get rid all together) the reliance on bottled water.

Drinking water fountain installation for your community

Students and community members will largely benefit if there are drinking fountains nearby. They can stay hydrated while knowing that they’re contributing to the care and protection of the environment.

That’s why at Arrow Alpha, we help communities apply environment-friendly practices such as the installation of drinking fountain. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with environment-friendly and cost-effective drinking fountains and water refill stations.


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