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Water Refill Stations – Why You Should Use One

You have seen them and possibly have used one – water refill stations. But what exactly are they and why are they so popular? With concerns revolving around the quality of water available in municipal water supplies, a movement has developed in recent years. There has been a shift away from water systems that may or may not be safe, contain fluoridation or other additives to fresh water coming from a refill site.

So why should you start using a water refill station instead of tap water? Here are a few reasons to consider:


1 – Better For The Environment

This is easily the best reason to make the switch. Refilling reusable water jugs is far better than filling landfill sites with single-use plastic water bottles. Estimates put the rate of an average disposable water bottle to completely breakdown in a landfill site at 1,000 years. Plastic waste is not all recyclable either. The caps on the disposable bottles can’t be so by using a refillable water jug you are keeping countless water bottles out of the trash and landfill.


2 – Better For Your Wallet

Logic should tell you that the difference between refilling a water bottle at water refill stations versus buying bottled water presents obvious savings. However, if you actually do the math, it makes even more sense. Assuming you replaced 200 water bottles purchased during a year with a refillable water jug you could save hundreds of dollars per year.


3 – Better For Your Health

If you were to refill your reusable water jug with tap water, you will not receive the same benefits as you would by using a refill station. The water refill stations give you access to chilled, filtered water with no harmful additives that may be present in your local municipal water supply. If you have well water, the risks are even greater. A refill station will provide you with safe, healthy water, anytime you require it.


4 – Better Access All The Time

While some parts of the world do not have as much access to clean and safe water as you do, with refill stations, you have convenient locations popping up near you. There are portable units and large ones. Grocery stores, shopping malls and just about anywhere you look you will be able to find one. Some are even located in public kiosks with 24-hour access in case you need to refill late at night.


 The Choice Is Clear

Safe, healthy and easy access are reasons to consider making a switch from bottled water to a refillable water system. You will save money, ease pressure on the environment and end up with fresh, clean water whenever you need it for a fraction of what you would spend on disposable, single-use bottled water. The choice is clear and a switch will be easy to make.


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